Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fourth of July party..

Short Story #1

One night at a friends we were partying on 4th of July. We had the whole fireworks, party favors, etc. Anyhow at the end of the night a friend was really tipsy, if you know what I mean. We were the last two awake as everybody else got wasted and went to bed. We sat in his truck most the morning talking and listening to music. I look over he is passing out in his truck seat. I get out of the passenger side and go over to his side and take the keys out. I help him up taking him into the house. I get him into the room where they have a small mattress set up in the room. I sit him down in a recliner. I then start pulling off his left boot. I struggle just a bit as I pull. Finally he pick his feet up and helps get it off.. I go to the other pulling at it when he puts his socked feet in my crotch. I feel my cock begin to throb as he rubs his sweaty socked feet against it. I then get the other boot off and pick him back up to lay him down on the mattress. I leave his socks on.. I then throw the covers over him halfway leaving his socked feet hanging out. I was really turned on from him rubbing his socked feet in my crotch. I stepped out to go make sure everyone else was sleeping and change into my pajama pants to have easy access to his socks. I then sneak back in the room. I then got down at his warm sweaty socks and start sniffing them. Oh my God! I thought to myself. His socks smelled so musky from his boots and were a bit floppy from me pulling off his boots. I then begin sucking his toes and tasting on his socks. I could not help but get so hard. I pull my cock out rubbing on his hot sweaty socks. I was so afraid of my other friend waking up I watched him to make sure he was sleeping. He lay motionless as I slowly humped him between his toes and rubbed one out on his big moist dirty tube socks. I could feel him wiggle his toes as I sucked on them and humped between his toes. I began to throb more as he wiggled his toes. I could feel it. I was about to bust a nut on his socks. I then begin to thrust harder as I hump him between his toes. I bust a huge load into his Hanes tube socks and then lick it off. While doing all this he was passed out and I have never been sure if he knew I did this or not but think he wanted it. I dont see him often as he works out of town for a rigging company. I sure wish I could do this again with him..

                                                        To be continued....

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